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Regional Wildflower/Botany Forums

Listed approx North to South (with Natural History Societies in brackets, and Pg for a page rather than a group)
• I recommend the enhanced value of being active in the smaller groups rather than the larger regional ones; there will be experts on both but the smaller ones have a greater sense of closeness.


Orkney(Outer Hebrides)Highlands + MorayTayside (Dundee, Perth and surrounds) & N Fife(Arran)Edinburgh/Lothians/S Fife (Flowers/Plants)Edinburgh (Trees)Edinburgh (Fungi)Glasgow/Strathclyde and wider region aroundVC77 (Lanarkshire)(Dumfries/Galloway)Scotland (Wildflowers & Fungi)Scotland (Lichens+)Scotland (Bryophytes)


UlsterIreland (wild & garden plants)


Glamorgan(Cardiff)N Wales/N England (non-flowering plants)Wales


Northumberland(Carlisle)Cumbria PlantsCumbria FungiN Wales/N England (non-flowering plants)NE EnglandDurhamTeesdaleLancashire/MerseysideWarringtonNW YorkshireNE YorkshireNorth Linconshire (VC54)South LincolnshireShropshireDerbyshire/StaffordshireNottinghamshireNorthhampton/DerbyshireEast Anglia (1)East Anglia (2)Brecklands (N&E Anglia)Bedfordshire(Bristol)Worcester (Pg)Somerset(London)London (Fungi)(Essex)SurreySurrey (Orchids)KentKent (Orchids)Kent (Fungi)(Orpington)SussexSussex (Orchids)Sussex (Fungi)Hampshire(Isle of Wight)(Cornwall)Isles of ScillyGuernsey

Britain and Ireland

Wildflowers of Britain and Ireland

Botanical Discussion (Britain and Ireland) - NB for experienced botanists: you will need a text-only work to answer the entry question, which is "What are the first four words on the page of Stace ed 4 p843, OR Stace ed 3 p126, OR Sell & Murrell vol 2 p108, OR Tutin-Clapham ed 3 p254, OR the names of the 4 segments in the banner picture?" If there's a difficulty seeing the question there, please do PM your answer!

BSBI Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (see alsoBSBI IrelandBSBI Scotland)


EuropeFranceOther Countries

Specialised UK Botany Groups

Hover over an item for its full title. Many of these groups are seasonal or spring into action some years more than others; but always feel free to post queries in them at any time as most of them have much helpful expertise to give -

ArtAquatic PlantsBrambles (Rubus)ConifersCotoneastersDaffodils (Narcissus)Dandelions (Taraxacum)Elms (Ulmus)EuphrasiaFumitories (Fumaria)Galls (& see book) • Grasses/Sedges/Rushes/Ferns/Mosses/Lichens/(Fungi)HawkweedsOrchids 1Orchids 2Production GroupRoses (Rosa)Seaweeds/AlgaeSedges (Carex)Slime MouldsTrees 1Trees 2Trees (High-Altitude Finds)Willows/Poplars (Salix/Populus)Winter Twig and Bud Recognition

• Also : Hints Group (Deliberately doesn’t give ids, but helps you find the id)

• Mushroom Groups : • ABCDE

• Gardening Groups (British Isles) : • IdentificationHelp & Tips

Blogs etc

Botany in Scotland - has a very regular "Plant of the Week"

Wild Flowers in Cleveland and North Yorkshire

"Violets and Others" - by Peter Leonard

PDF & Web Guides

NE England (James Commons) - click one of the Take a Look links

Hampshire - click one of the green rectangular links

Britain & Ireland (David Merrick mostly) - various genera (see its menu)

Cumbria - Click the "Look out for" links

East Anglia - Some broken links but numerous excellent guides


Sedges (Carex etc) - by Mark Gurney (alternative location)

Fumitories - by Mark Gurney

Yellow Sedges

Lemna Guides (various)

Conifers in the British Isles (1972, Mitchell) - Superb

A handbook of Coniferae, including Ginkgoaceæ (1923, ed 1, Dallimore & Jackson) - superb

1996 Edition of Blamey & Fitter - can be borrowed for free in 1 hr slots (free login)

Botanical Photo Sites

NB: Every site has its shortcomings. Some of these links are google searches, and you can replace in the search the plant you are after. (ferns)