Holy Day Stories

Below are Plain English stories of the Great Souls.
Each story has been made by weaving the different historical accounts into a single story, and a little sample is given for each.
The focus for each, has been their Birth, their opening Call to Mankind, and their Passing into the Greater World.

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---- May
"As the Blessed One passed away, there came a tremendous earthquake, dreadful and astounding, and thunders were heard rolling across the heavens. There was terror and fear..."


25 Dec
"He spoke of the spiritual poverty of their generation in the eyes of God and many things they could not bear to hear, and they one and all rose up, and they dragged Jesus out of the city toward a cliff to throw Him down..."
---- Apr
"The governor's soldiers led Jesus away into the Common Hall, called Praetorium; and they called together their whole band. They stripped Him, and clothed Him with a purple robe, and then they platted a crown of thorns which they put about His head, and for a king's sceptre they placed a reed in His right hand. Then they began to salute Jesus, crying, "Hail, King of the Jews!" and they struck Him with their hands, and bowed their knees before Him in mock homage..."


20 Oct
"With so many astonishing things occurring, an astrologer was brought in to see the Child, to say protective prayers for Him. The astrologer made some calculations, and said, "He is protected from evil influence; he has suffered no harm." On learning the Báb's birthdate, he wrote down some protective charms and prayers, entrusted them to the family, and recited some mysterious verses; then he left. On His departure, the Báb immediately tore up all the talismans, writings and instructions he had given the family, and tossed them all out, and observed to His father, You make a great show of assistance:- but I am that Assistance..."
09 Jul
"The crash of musketry rang out as the soldiers discharged their guns in a vast hail of bullets... as the smoke and dust cleared, the astounded multitude beheld a scene their eyes could scarcely believe. There was Anis, and the Báb was gone. Uproar arose on all sides, a great clamour of wonder, admiration and awe broke forth amongst the bewildered people, as they proclaimed He had disappeared, perhaps flown through the air, or even ascended up into the skies..."


12 Nov
"By the time He was thirteen, Bahá'u'lláh was renowned for His ability to discuss any matter, and resolve any problem presented before Him... He appeared before large gatherings in discussions with the leading clergy, resolving intricate religious questions, whilst everyone paid deep attention and interest, and His explanations became the authoritative word on every matter..."
20 Apr
"As He descended the steps from the courtyard into the narrow street, the entire area was thronging with people, both believers and others, and all movement was impossible. Friends could not be distinguished from strangers, and the sound of lamentation and grief rose up everywhere from all alike. Suckling babies were cast under Bahá'u'lláh's feet. He raised those infants tenderly, one by one, blessing them, and gently and lovingly replaced them in their sorrowing mothers' arms... Men threw themselves in His path, hoping that His feet might touch them and bless them as He passed. It took Him some minutes to place each foot upon the ground. One man had an only child, which had come to him late in his life, and he stripped the clothes from the child's body and placing it at Bahá'u'lláh feet, he cried, "Naked I give you my child, my precious child, to do with as you will: only promise not to leave us in distress! Without you, we cannot live." Everyone was crying, pressing in to approach Bahá'u'lláh, to hear His words, touch Him or receive a comforting glance, howling and weeping at their loss, seeing no more value in life. Bahá'u'lláh bade each person farewell, caressing and soothing everyone. Such grief they had, that all those who were to accompany Bahá'u'lláh sorrowed along with those to be left behind..."
29 May
"An ocean of grief and sorrow swept across Bahá'u'lláh's countless friends and companions. The Persians lamented fate's unchangeable decree, whilst the native Arabs cried out, "O God, O God!" Confusion spread everywhere. A large crowd descended from 'Akka and the neighbouring villages, and gathered at Bahji to show their respect and unite in mourning, thronging the surrounding fields, weeping, beating upon their heads, and crying aloud with grief..."

...and great spiritual teachers...


28 Nov
"The Master came in from the solitary room in the garden, which he had occupied of late, and said: "I dreamed a dream and behold the Blessed Beauty, (Bahá'u'lláh) came and said unto me, "Destroy this room!" The family, who had been wishing that he would come and sleep in the house, not being happy that he should be alone at night, exclaimed, " Yes Master, we think your dream means that you should leave that room and come into the house." When he heard this from us, he smiled meaningly as though not agreeing with our interpretation. Afterwards we understood that by the "room" was meant the temple of his body..."

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Stories for Moses, Zarathushtra and Muhammad are all planned.

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